Monday, May 19, 2008

Superdelegate Roundup Update - Obama Leads All Categories

Senator Obama continued to get the lion's share of superdelegates over the last week, taking 25 since last Monday compared to only 6 for Senator Clinton.  Obama now has an absolute lead of 26 superdelegates.  He has also taken the lead in each of our Superdelegate Roundup Spreadsheet categories; he has a slightly greater percentage of affirmers, he has captured 3% more defectors than Clinton has, and he has 7% more support from superdelegates in areas which still haven't voted.  The numbers are below, we'll see if Senator Obama's lead grows after tomorrow's Kentucky and Oregon primaries.

Clinton Area Superdelegates:  335
Clinton Affirmers:  177 (52.8%)
Clinton Defectors:  88 (26.3%)
Clinton Undeciders:  70 (20.9%)

Obama Area Superdelgates:  373
Obama Affirmers:  198.5  (53.2%)
Obama Defectors:  87.5 (23.5%)
Obama Undeciders:  87 (23.3%)

Pre-Vote Area Superdelegates:  51
Early Clinton Commiters:  12 (23.5%)
Early Obama Commiters:  16 (31.4%)
Early Undeciders:  23 (45.1%)

Total Obama Superdelegates:  302.5 (39.9%)
Total Clinton Superdelegates:  276.5 (36.4%)
Total Undecided Superdelegates:  180 (23.7%)

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