Friday, February 15, 2008

Superdelegate Roundup Update - New Mexico Called

Senator Clinton has reached the 50% affirmer plateau, fueled by the calling of New Mexico in her favor. Most of the superdelegates in New Mexico had already pledged their support to Clinton. While most of the numbers remained stable, there were a few notable updates from Democratic Convention Watch. Three superdelegates who had until recently supported Senator Clinton, switched their allegiance to Senator Obama. Christine "Roz" Samuels, a former Clinton affirmer from New Jersey, became a defector. David Scott and John Lewis, former Obama defectors from Georgia, became affirmers.

Clinton Area Superdelegates: 208
Clinton Affirmers: 104 (50%)
Clinton Defectors: 31 (14.9%)
Clinton Undeciders: (35.1%)

Obama Area Superdelegates: 278
Obama Affirmers: 86 (30.9%)
Obama Defectors: 75 (27%)
Obama Undeciders: 117 (42.1%)

Pre-Vote Area Superdelegates: 234
Early Clinton Committers: 53 (22.6%)
Early Obama Committers: 36 (15.4%)
Early Undeciders: 145 (62%)

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