Monday, February 11, 2008

Superdelegate Roundup Update

I have updated the Superdelegate Roundup Spreadheet with statewide results from Maine (district level results are not yet available), and pledge updates from Democratic Convention Watch.

I have also introduced new terminology: a superdelegate who votes along with the popular vote of his/her state or district is an "affirmer", a superdelegate who votes against the popular vote of his/her state or district is a "defector". A superdelegate who has not committed to vote for a candidate is an "undecider".

The spreadsheet update yields the following results:

Clinton Area Superdelegates: 198
Clinton Affirmers: 96 (48.5%)
Clinton Defectors: 24 (12.1%)
Clinton Undeciders: 78 (39.4%)

Obama Area Superdelegates: 218
Obama Affirmers: 72 (33%)
Obama Defectors: 50 (22.9%)
Obama Undeciders: 96 (44%)

Pre-Vote Area Superdelegates: 303
Early Clinton Commiters: 77 (25.4%)
Early Obama Commiters: 40 (13.2%)
Early Undeciders: 186 (61.4%)


the teach said...

Matt, this is very interesting. Do you mind my linking to your post from mine about superdelegates?

Matt C said...

Thank you for the feedback 'teach. Of course you can link to my post. I relied on a bunch of resources to pull my list together, so I'm interested to see how others use it.